Friday, 24 December 2021

New Monograph: COVID-19 – online now!

The first 14 chapters of the COVID-19 Monograph are now online! The story of COVID-19 now seems so familiar: from the first reported case in December 2019, to a pandemic that rapidly changed the world. Respiratory clinicians and scientists were at the forefront of delivering healthcare for people with COVID-19, leading efforts to understand this novel virus and disease, and developing and testing strategies to better prevent and treat it. The pace of knowledge acquisition was rapid but is now maturing. This Monograph provides a timely and valuable state-of-the-art summary of this virus and its consequences to date. It is essential reading for all those involved in the care of people who are or who have been affected by COVID-19.

  • Visit to access the book online. And look out for an up-to-date vaccines chapter, which will be added to the issue in early 2022.

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